Cynthia Trenholm

Vice President
Jeanne Allie

Caragh O'Brien

Bruce Jones

Board Members
James Burr
Kate Adams
Liz Whiteley
Julie Bezanson


“What does The Vernon Chorale do well?” This question, posed at a nonprofit workshop last spring, offers a way to better articulate how one’s organization serves the community. To help answer the question, attendees were asked to consider how their organization would fill the blanks in the following sentence:

We help___________by___________so that____________.

I thought for a while, filled in the blanks, and felt more pride and passion about serving the community through our work than just a few minutes prior. We, The Vernon Chorale, help educate both singer and the community by learning, rehearsing, and performing diverse choral works so that the art of choral music and its positive effects on performer and audience continues for generations. What do we do well? We offer musical experiences to advocate the art of choral music.

The Vernon Chorale is honored to serve the community of Vernon and surrounding towns in our own unique way. Our inspired performances come together under the exceptional guidance of Artistic Director, Ehren Brown, and with the indispensable help and talent of our accompanist, Kathleen Bartkowski. Both are integral to our mission.

However, central and vital to our ability to serve both performer and audience well stems from the committed work of the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, this past October we lost a longtime board member considered the stalwart of our organization, Laura Lang. Laura, a member of The Vernon Chorale since its inception in 1980, held the offices of president and secretary while serving on the board for over ten years. She was our advocate and protector, always making sure I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed. We note her passing with great sadness as she will be missed by her VC family. Because of Laura’s unwavering devotion to The Vernon Chorale, it is with privilege and gratitude that we dedicate our entire 2018-1019 season in her name.

Cynthia Trenholm
President, VC Board of Directors

November 7, 2018

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